2 GIs Charged In Sexual Assault

Two army sergeants were arrested Tuesday on charges they molested a 3 year old boy while a joint base san antonio fort sam houston and recorded the activity.

Wade Perkins and Kimberly Epperson incorporated the assault of the boy into their sexual activity after they began a romantic relationship in february 2011 according to the criminal complain.

Agents with the FBI, Bexar County Sheriff’s office and the Army opened an investigation after learning of allegations that the boy was being exploited.  They arrested the pair seperately, charging each with production of child pornography, which carries 30 years in prison.

Very serious charges, anytime a child is involved in a sexual crime it changes the dynamic.  If you or a family member have been charged or arrested for a sexual assault of a minor you should call 210-227-6425 right away and speak with an experienced San Antonio criminal lawyer.

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