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An arrest in San Antonio, Texas jeopardizes your well-being, your family, your livelihood, your freedom, and your future. The prosecution has a team of detectives and San Antonio attorneys fighting for the them. What Lawyer will fight for you?

As a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer I have been standing up to state and federal prosecutors in court since 1990. I know what prosecutors must do to prove their case, and challenge them at every turn.

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If Your Freedom Is At Risk? You Need The Best San Antonio Attorney That You Can Afford

My experience includes obtaining acquittals, reduced charges, and reduced sentences, and I have negotiated favorable plea agreements in thousands of cases. I have taken hundreds of cases to court and have handled numerous appeals.

At the Law Office of Joseph “Mick” Aguilera, we know the law and we know your rights. We ensure that you understand them, and help you to make informed decisions. Do not delay. The sooner you contact one of the many San Antonio Criminal Lawyers the sooner we can protect your rights and work toward reducing your charges, sentence, and penalties. Even if you are only under investigation, we can help.

Our experience has given us a perspective on how an arrest affects individuals and their families. We offer clients compassion and discretion while we staunchly defend them against all charges.

Law Office of Joseph "Mick" Aguilera, from our office at 1220 Buena Vista St. #1 San Antonio, Texas 78207 As a San Antonio Attorney my services include Criminal Defense, DWI Defense, Bail Bonds, Sex Crime Defense & All other Misdemeanor & Felony charges We accept cash, check, credit card, paypal & answer (210)227-6425 Monday-Sunday

The Law Office of Joseph "Mick" Aguilera offers representation throughout South Texas including San Antonio, New Bruanfels, Seguin, Converse, Kirby, Leon Valley, Schertz, Universal City, Alamo Heights, Windcrest, Leon Valley, Castle Hills, Del Rio, and Cibolo.

This website and article is published by Joseph Aguilera on 2016-01-13

San Antonio Criminal Lawyer

A San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney can answer your questions. As your Criminal Attorney in San Antonio, I will use my legal acumen to work every day to protect your rights and the rights of your loved ones. I work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for my criminal clients. As part of the process, I do the following:

  • Conduct an immediate and thorough investigation
  • Effectively deal with police, federal agents, and prosecutors, sometimes before they file charges.
  • Work to limit charges
  • Strive to reduce or eliminate bail
  • Offer clients an honest assessment of all options.
  • Pursue a favorable plea agreement, when warranted.
  • Tailor an innovative trial defense strategy.
  • Gear a defense plan toward a reduced sentence, when a conviction is imminent.

Joseph Aguilera Law Office offers a no-risk, free consultation, and evening and weekend appointments. Contact an Attorney at (210)227-6425 or use the contact us form on the right and learn more about hiring a lawyer in San Antonio Texas . I can help prevent charges from negatively affecting your life.

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San Antonio DWI Defense Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been arrested for Drunk Driving, if so you need to act quickly by hiring the best San Antonio DWI Attorney you can afford. is serious & Joseph Aguilera Law Office is ready to provide you with:

  • Misdemeanor DWI Defense
  • Under 21 DUI Defense
  • DWI & Probation Violation Defense
  • Post Bail For DWI
  • Felony DWI Defense
  • Repeat Offender DWI Defense
  • DWI With Child In Vehicle Defense
  • Intoxication Manslaughter Defense


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