Misdemeanor Defense

A misdemeanor arrest even for something like public intoxication or your first DWI charge will stay on your record for many years.  For this reason you need to retain the best San Antonio Misdemeanor Lawyer that you can afford, I've seen it first hand.

Many people will accept the services of a public defender, accept probation & think its all over with. An experienced San Antonio Misdemeanor Attorney such as myself educates our clients of the impact of a misdemeanor conviction & even if guilty of the actual charge that a skilled San Antonio Lawyer such as myself can negotiate a settlement with the DA.

Expunging The Arrest Record: Keep in mind if you are found guilty there is a good chance you will not be able to expunge your record.  If not having a criminal record is your goal, call my office right now so The Joseph Aguilera Law Office can begin to fight for you.

Reducing the impact of the misdemeanor arrest on your life is the main benefit of hiring a skilled Misdemeanor Lawyer, but other benefits include:

* Reduced Court Fees & Fines * Potentially Avoiding Probation * Possibly Having Charges Dismisses

Criminal Defense is my main and only area of practice, call me at 210-227-6425 to discuss your arrest & how your best option is hiring a San Antonio Misdemeanor Lawyer.

Joseph Aguilera Law Office

Retaining a good San Antonio Misdemeanor Lawyer will never be cheap, but it should not cause you to settle for a public defender. You need the very best San Antonio Criminal Attorney you can find. In fact, you need the best misdemeanor defense you can afford. I offer you quality representation for a reasonable fee that includes posting bail. Payment plans can be made based on your ability to pay.

A misdemeanor is a crime that is less serious and carries a lighter punishment than a felony. Punishment for a misdemeanor may be a fine, penalty, forfeiture, or confinement for less than a year in a place other than prison. Community service may also be all or part of a sentence for misdemeanors offenses.

Misdemeanors include, but are not limited to the following:

Domestic Violence

•Disorderly Conduct

•Alcohol Offenses (Underage Drinking, Open Container)


•Drug Offenses (Paraphernalia, Abuse, Possession)


•Petty Theft

•Criminal Trespass

•Shoplifting (less than $300)

•Sexual Battery

Traffic Violations

•Indecent Exposure

A large percentage of employers now conduct background checks on job applicants. A misdemeanor on your record can prevent you from getting a job and limit your employment opportunities. Additionally, licensing requirements for many professions include good moral character among the qualifications. Despite educational accomplishments, a misdemeanor conviction may mean that you are denied your occupation if you are a physician, lawyer, nurse, teacher, architect, accountant, police officer, physical therapist, professional engineer, veterinarian, pharmacist, or other professional requiring a license.

When you have been charged with a misdemeanor and need legal advice, call (210)227-6425 to arrange an appointment and learn how we can help you develop a misdemeanor defense strategy that will resolve your misdemeanor.

This website and article is published by Joseph Aguilera on 2016-01-13