Domestic Violence Defense

San Antonio Domestic Violence Attorney

Have you been charged with domestic violence or assault on a family member? A conviction can have serious legal consequences, including:

A Jail Sentence

Separation from your family, and loss of your legal right to visit your home and children

Loss of your right to own weapons

Greatly enhanced legal consequences following a conviction for any other crime or following a second or third domestic violence charge

I have handled hundreds of domestic abuse charges, including numerous cases of domestic violence and assault. If you have been charged with domestic violence or spousal abuse, I am available to help.

Do not plead guilty to domestic violence charges without experienced legal help. Judges are leery of domestic violence cases due to the remote possibility that a second, repeated domestic violence occurrence can lead to serious harm. Therefore, restraining orders, temporary restraining orders, criminal restraining orders and civil protection orders are often granted to petitioners, even in cases where there are no witnesses present, and no evidence of assault.

As a San Antonio Criminal Attorney I have helped numerous men and women charged with domestic assault, from misdemeanor assault to felony domestic violence charge. I can investigate your case and advocate for dismissal of charges and, because domestic violence charges come with few mandatory sentences, argue for leniency. For more information on Joseph “Mick” Aguilera¬†and domestic violence defense, contact us for a no-charge initial discussion of your case.

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