Criminal Defense

As a San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer I prepare every case as if it will go to trial. I closely examine all of the evidence that the prosecution intends to use against you. If this evidence was obtained in violation of your rights, I will move to suppress the evidence. In every case, my goal is to reach the best possible result, whether this is a dismissal of the charges, a not guilty verdict at trial, or a plea that minimizes the impact of the charges.

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Dealing with your criminal matter may seem overwhelming. Trust me to handle it and provide you with peace of mind. We offer a no-risk, free consultation, plus evening and weekend appointments. Early intervention by an experienced San Antonio Criminal Attorney is always your best criminal defense.

Hiring A San Antonio Criminal Attorney May Be Able To

  • Get Your Charge Dismissed
  • Keep You Off Probation
  • Avoid Court Cost & Fines
  • Keep You Out Of Jail/Prison
  • Get Your Charge Dismissed
  • Keep You Off Probation
  • Avoid Court Cost & Fines
  • Keep You Out Of Jail/Prison

Do you plan on fighting or pleading guilty?  It really doesn't matter, either way you need to hire the best San Antonio Criminal Lawyer you can afford.

Resolving your criminal charge is going to take more than yelling & screaming, it will require the ability to negotiate with the District Attorney.  Over the past 20 years I've built a reputation as a straight forward, hard working San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney that is respected by the DA's office, Judges & Peers.  Most importantly, I'm respected as someone that should be taken serious, because I always prepare to take every case to trial.  Call me at 210-227-6425 to speak with a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer at The Joseph Aguilera Law Office. As an experienced my practice is diverse and covers a wide range of areas which include:

All Charges

Theft Charges

      Theft Defense

      • Shoplifting Defense
      • Breaking & Entering Defense
      • White Collar Criminal Defense
      • Burglary Criminal Defense


      DWI Defense

      • Felony DWI Defense
      • DWI With Child Defense
      • Repeat Offender DWI Defense
      • Intoxication Manslaughter Defense
      • DUI Defense

Drug Charges

      Drug Charges Defense

      • Drug Trafficking Defense
      • Distribution Of Drugs Defense
      • Possession Of Drugs Defense
      • Manufacturing Drugs Defense
      • Prescription Drug Possession Defense

Parole & Probation

Sex Crimes

      Sex Crimes Defense

      • Rape Defense
      • Date Rape Defense
      • Sexual Assault Defense
      • Child Molestation Defense

Violent Crimes

Family Violence

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