Suspect Takes Plea In Gangland Killing

Minutes before testimony for his murder trial was set to begin, a San Antonio man pleaded no contest Tuesday to participating in what authorities described as a gang related killing that left a 16 year old riddled with bullets.  In exchange for Israel Richard Medrano plea, prosecutors agreed to seek a sentence of no more than 25 years in prison when he is sentenced before state district judge Ron Rangel next month.

Police allege Medrano and several other men used an m-14 style assault rifle to gun down Paul Osoria outside a West Side apartment complex in August 2008.  Medrano admittted to police that he brought the gun to the confrontation but contended that co defendant vance keenan who was senteced last year to 25 years in prison, grabbed it from him and began firing.  Keenan in turn blamed Medrano.

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