Drunk Drivers Beware

Digital billboards warning of potential DWI arrest is the latest tool in the San Antonio’s effort to stop the death & damage caused by drunk drivers.  Drivers on their daily commute might notice a few new faces on the road.

Starting this week, a dozen digital billboards in Bexar County began flashing the photos and names of suspected DWI offenders.  The subjects of the highway wanted posters are people with active warrants out for their arrest for drunken driving related offenses, typically a third DWI, Intoxication assault or vehicular manslaughter charge.  Photos will be stamped with the word captured once they are arrested.

Many legal professionals accept drunk driving cases, but few have the trial experience. Considering the severity of your DWI arrest,  you know how critical it is for you to choose an experienced San Antonio DWI Attorney to defend you.

You Are Entitled to a Trial

If you have been arrested for Driving while intoxicated, you are entitled to one thing and one thing only: a trial. You are not entitled to a good plea bargain. You are not entitled to a positive outcome. You are entitled to the opportunity to fight.

I prepare every case for trial. I do not make assumptions.  If you have been charged with, or have an outstanding warrant for Drunk Driving, contact San Antonio DWI Lawyer Joseph “Mick” Aguilera  for a free consultation.

This website and article is published by Joseph Aguilera on 2016-01-13

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