5 Gangsters Plead Guilty To Racketeering

Five members of the Texas Syndicate pleaded guilty Thursday for their roles in the gang’s racketeering activities in San Antonio which included fatal and nonfatal shootings in a war with another criminal group.

All men accepted plea agreements that avoided life in prison.  Many civilians have a hard time understanding why they would easily accept plea agreements. Well the answer is green, money!!  In prison these men will make and save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next 10 or 15 years plus keep all of the money or assets already attained.

It’s more like a career choice and serving time behind bars is a simple reality or trade off for the lavish life style cartel members are able live.

As a San Antonio lawyer, I’m tough, aggressive and can post bond up to 4 million dollars.  If you or a family member are part of  a cartel or facing serious racketeering charges call me immediately at 210-227-6425.

This website and article is published by Joseph Aguilera on 2016-01-13

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This website and article is published by on 2016-01-13 For the Joseph Aguilera Law Office