Bexar County Lawyer For DWI, Criminal Defense, Felony and Misdemeanor

Bexar County is a great community ranging from Rolling Oaks to South Park Mall and all the way across to Seaworld & the Bexar County Sheriff has her deputies on patrol 24 hours a day.

Costly mistakes are often made when an individual is pulled over and questioned for drunk driving.  In chaotic situation,  like being questioned by the police,  most people forget that they have rights.  By failing to protect your rights,  you could end up in jail.

Your future is at stake. You need a skilled Bexar County Attorney to minimize the consequences of your arrest.

Affordable Bexar County Lawyer For Criminal Defense and DWI Defense

I defend good people who find themselves in bad situations.  Usually frightened,  confused and not sure what should be done.

I’ve handled hundreds of drunk driving charges.  I represent clients facing charges of both alcohol and drug-related Driving While Intoxicated.

Field sobriety tests: You may think the results of field sobriety tests are always accurate and reliable. I can show you are unreliable they can be.

Blood or breath tests: Just because a blood or breath tests came back positive does not mean you are guilty. The machines are not infallible and the people who administer the tests can make mistakes that invalidate results.

Driver’s license hearings: Automatic license suspension can happen if you fail to request a driver’s license hearing to appeal the possible loss of your license.

Underage DUI: The devastating consequences of this crime force me to fight aggressively for both rights and my client’s future.

Ignition interlock devices: A stigma exists when one of these devices are installed on your car. I also will help you avoid the expense and burden you face.

You Should Retain A Skilled Bexar County Lawyer

I will take the time you need in listening to your story. I will communicate the process you face and the options you possess. I care about my clients and strive to get the results they need. Please contact my office by e-mail or call 210-227-6425 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your criminal defense strategy with a Bexar County DWI Lawyer.

This website and article is published by Joseph Aguilera on 2016-01-13